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ERDF and state aid

The responsible managing authority, the Department for Communities and Local Government, requires all European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) applicants to provide an analysis of their project which explains how it is compliant with state aid rules.

How to conduct state aid analysis

Read our checklist below:

Step 1: Have you identified all the potential beneficiaries?
Step 2: Is there a transfer of state resource?
Step 3: Is your organisation an undertaking?
Step 4: Is the measure selective and does it provide an advantage?
Step 5: Does the activity potentially distort competition?
Step 6: Does the activity have an effect on trade between member states?

Where the activity meets each of Steps 2 to 6 then state aid is present. To provide the aid, it will be necessary to either apply a state aid exemption (one of the three frameworks listed above) or to notify the project to the European Commission.

Read the guide that talks you through the step-by-step analysis and explains how to manage state aid in an ERDF project (in the state aid law section).