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Life (nature and biodiversity)

Life is the 2014-2020 financial instrument for the environment and climate action.

How much funding will be available?

The total budget for funding projects is €3,456.7 million (€2,592.5 m for Environment, €864.2 million for Climate Action).

What will be funded?

There is a LIFE multiannual work programme for 2014-2017 which sets the framework for the next four years for the management of the new LIFE Programme 2014-2020.

It includes information on the indicative budget, explains the selection methodology for projects and for operating grants and establishes outcome indicators for the two LIFE sub-programmes – for Environment and for Climate Action.

There are two main programmes

  1. Environment which covers environment and resource efficiency, nature and biodiversity’; environmental governance and information, and
  2. Climate Action (which includes climate change mitigation and adoption and climate governance).

LIFE will also be provided through two new innovative financial instruments - Private Financing for Energy Efficiency Instrument and the Natural Capital Financing Facility.

The thematic priorities for LIFE are:

  • Nature and for Biodiversity;
  • Water, including the marine environment
  • Waste;
  • Resource Efficiency, including soil and forests and green and circular economy;
  • Environment and Health, including chemicals and noise;
  • Air Quality and Emissions, including the urban environment;
  • Information and Governance
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Efforts leading to increased resilience to climate change

Download the LIFE multiannual work programme

What are the co-financing rates?

The co-financing rates will vary from 55% -100% so you will need to check for your particular project

How can I apply?

See the current calls for proposals

Go to the European Commission LIFE website for more details.