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HORIZON 2020 - Call for ideas - Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials

Deadline: 28 February 2015 00:00 (01:00 CET) | Value: Discretionary | Area: Throughout the EU

Please note that no grants will be awarded as a direct result of this call for ideas.

The present call for ideas for pilot/demonstration projects is intended to

(i)           help identifying which research and innovation areas attract most interest from innovators and innovation users (e.g. industries, financial actors, academia, research and innovation players, private or public entities, regions, cities, citizens and their organisations…) and

(ii)          (ii) stimulate developers and providers of innovative solutions to engage in projects of greater ambition in terms of scope, scale and impact.

Pilot/demonstration projects are expected to realise and test new technological and non-technological solutions through first-of-a-kind experimental development under real life conditions. They are innovation projects, exhibiting a sufficient level of novelty and progress with respect to the state of the art. Embodying a systemic approach to innovation, they may address all forms of innovation (technological and technical, business model, finance, regulatory, governance and social innovation as well as any other type of non-technological innovation to realise a solution or overcome bottlenecks).

Projects will be expected to have appropriate critical mass and involve all the actors required to deliver innovative solutions to societal challenges and deploy them. Their design will be expected to maximise impact and economic, social and environmental co-benefits, and to demonstrate a clear added value at EU level. European or international replication potential in different contexts will be an important criterion.

Ideas are invited at this stage for possible pilot/demonstration projects in the following areas:

  1. Systemic eco-innovation for a circular economy: demonstration projects on eco-innovative business models and services that bring a systemic change towards a circular economy, which includes reuse, repair and recycling of resources across value chains, product eco-design, and value added services to products.
  2. Climate services: user-driven demonstration projects aimed at developing climate services and products that will enable climate-smart decisions at various levels by public authorities and/or businesses.
  3. Nature-based solutions: demonstration projects aimed at re-naturing cities in such a way that as many co-benefits are realised across a range of societal challenges such as climate change, flooding, heat waves and other disaster risks, energy and resource management, air and noise pollution and pressures on human health, degradation of biodiversity and natural as well as cultural heritage, or social exclusion.
  4. Water: demonstration projects to apply and test innovative solutions in line with EIP Water priorities. The projects should aim to develop the water services of the future at an acceptable cost for consumers, industries and local communities, moving toward a circular economy approach.

The European Commission service will carefully examine all ideas received in view of (i) designing its 2016 – 2017 work programme and ensuing calls for proposals and (ii) defining and implementing a supportive EU research and innovation policy framework.

The Commission does not engage itself to necessarily reproduce any of them into future calls for proposals; no grants will be awarded as a direct result of this call for ideas.

How to submit your project idea

You can submit your project idea using the online form


European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Directorate I - Climate Action and Resource Efficiency. 
Contact: Avelino Gonzalez Gonzalez (