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Fundamental Rights and Citizenship - Call for Proposals

Deadline: 12 March 2014 12:00 (13:00 CET) | Value: €75,000 (min), Discretionary | Area: Throughout the EU

The funding under this call is provided based on the co-financing principle: the grant cannot constitute more than 80% of overall eligible project costs. The organisations implementing the action should ensure that the outstanding balance is covered from sources other than the EU budget. The project budget must have revenue and expenditure in balance

The proposals under this call shall focus on the annual priorities described below:

  • Rights of the child
  • Information on where the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights applies and where to turn to if fundamental rights are violated
  • Combating different forms and manifestations of racism and xenophobia
  • Fighting homophobia: Enhanced/improved understanding and tolerance
  • Training and networking between legal professions and legal practitioners
  • Awareness-raising about Union citizenship and the rights attached to it and identification of obstacles to their effective exercise
  • Awareness-raising and information about the EU rules on free movement, in particular Directive 2004/38/EC
  • Facilitation of the sharing of knowledge and exchange of best practices on acquisition and loss of Union citizenship
  • Address the gender imbalance in participation in the European Parliament elections
  • Data protection and privacy rights

Download the Call for Proposals

Information and guidance on how to register and submit your application via PRIAMOS