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Building Better Opportunities: Thames Valley, Berkshire

Deadline: 30 November 2015 12:00 (13:00 CET) | Value: £1,097,900 (max) | Area: Thames Valley Berkshire

Note on Project 1 of 3 – Supporting families with complex needs

Big Lottery Fund made an error in the Thames Valley Berkshire ‘Project 1 of 3 - supporting families with complex needs' project outline. The original project outline launched on 5 June 2015 states that the project is only available to those families who are not eligible for the Government’s Troubled Families programme. The project outline should’ve stated that the project is available to families who are eligible for or are participating in the Troubled Families programme. This provision does need to be additional and must have a focus specifically on employment.

To fulfil the requirements to run an open and fair competition BIG have closed the competition without accepting any applications previously made and have re-opened with a new project outline.

The new competition will run from Tuesday 1 September 2015 and the deadline for stage one applications is 12 noon, Monday 30 November 2015.

Please visit “Making an application” to request a stage one application form. If you have any questions please email

Project aim

This project aims to support adults and young people to receive support and access to training to improve their employability skills, in order to support their entry into the job market.

The focus here will be to work with families who have at least one of the six problems identified by government policy.

Participants may be eligible for the national programme although delivery under this project must be additional to the Troubled Families programme and focus on supporting a move towards the labour market.

The project aims to help economically inactive and unemployed people to gain employment and/or training by tackling barriers that may be preventing them from working, and entering into sustained employment. This will be through the provision of skills for work and employment opportunities.

Find out more on the Thames Valley Berkshire LEP page on the Big Lottery website.