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European Year of Citizens 2013

How does the European Year of Citizens 2013 relate to the voluntary and community sector?

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2013 is the European Year of Citizens -a chance to learn from experiences of citizenship across Europe, to identify areas for greater transparency and to share models of engagement in each European country.

Major European civil society organisations and networks, including our EU network, ENNA, have joined their forces and created the EYC2013 Alliance to put forward proposals aimed at placing European citizens at the heart of the EU political agenda, opening up the process of EU decisions to citizens and underlining key rights and opportunities.


NCVO is working with CSV to coordinate activities in the UK for the European Year of Citizens 2013. We will be promoting civil dialogue, participation in governance, basic rights and inclusive citizenship with activities throughout the year. The ‘EU and you-opening up the dialogue’ focuses on the following three themes to be covered throughout the whole year:

  • Routes to engage with the EU
  • Basic rights and cross-border mobility
  • Social Inclusion in citizenship

Citizens' Dialogue Event

There will be a Citizens' Dialogue event in London organised by the European Commission on 11 February 2014.

This dialogue is one of series the Commission is holding in cities in every EU country, giving ordinary people an opportunity to speak directly to EU politicians about their rights, the kind of Europe they want to live in, and expectations for the European Union.

You can register to attend the event or follow on twitter using the #EUdeb8 hashtag.