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The Lisbon Treaty (2009) has allowed civil society to have greater engagement in EU institutions and this section highlights some of the initiatives and projects that are helping to improve engagement.

One of the core underlying values of the EU is a belief in democracy and the rule of law. Within the EU, there is a shared understanding of core democratic values, which also includes the role of associational life.

This is a two way process with the institutions of the EU, whereby there are a number of rights entitled to us as citizens, but how can we play an active role?  How can we as citizens hold the EU to account and take part in European policy-making? And how should we as citizens engage in engage in our democracy, politics, economy and law? Changes under the Lisbon Treaty (2009) now enshrine much greater engagement of civil society in EU institutions.

This section highlights some of the initiatives and projects aiming to enable direct engagement in democracy in Europe.